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Open Studios

A number of our artists are opening their studios for the weekend of the Arts Trail. Please note that these studios are not open at other times.

All studios will be signposted for easy access.

Allan Fox, 925 Cassilis Road, Cassilis

In 2002 Allan moved to Swifts Creek, resumed his landscape paintings and participated in 3 major exhibitions. He built a new studio in 2008 and commenced further Hard Edge abstract paintings based on work commenced in 1967. The Gippsland Gallery (Sale) recently acquired a Hard Edge painting from that time and in addition has purchased 2 current ones. He has been invited to exhibit his work in July 2019 celebrating and recognising 50 years since the inception of Hard Edge. For your interest, these images show a large blue painting from 1975, his current work and a photo showing Allan preparing his canvas's for that exhibition at Sale in 1967.

Allan's studio is just past Charlotte Spur Road on the Cassillis Road, on the right if coming from the Omeo end, and on the left if coming from the Swifts Creek end.

Carole Pepper, 208 Swifts Creek Road East, Swifts Creek

Pure silk chiffon handmade and eco-painted wraps are sourced and crafted from seeds, plants and leaves indigenous to the Tambo Valley, in the beautiful High Country of East Gippsland. Each piece is unique using an ancient and chemical free process, leaving beautiful colours, impressions and marks on the cloth, which vary with seasonal changes.

From the north, turn left as you come into Swifts Creek just before the Albion Hotel, past the bakery and turn right just over the bridge. From the south, the turn off is to the right, five minutes south of Swifts Creek.

Rob Logie,139 Logies Road, Reedy Flat

For over 40 years I have lived here - in the bush of East Gippsland, north of Bairnsdale. It is a rich and ever changing place, I travel whenever possible, walk and enjoy the struggle with my art which I have been attempting “seriously” since January 2004.

Printmaking, oil painting and photography comprise my “artistic endeavour”. I look for strong images that have the freedom to create any way I feel inclined to.

I paint instinctively which results in a style which keeps me interested, frustrated and never settled. The process always seems unpredictable, as do the final pieces, and I enjoy the anticipation of what could happen.

Location best googled, but there are two options - take the Little River Inn turnoff at Ensay north, or the Sandy Creek Road turn off south of Ensay.

Tiffany Foster, 12 Spring Gully Road,Ensay

I work in various media, and am inspired by colour and light.

In my pastel paintings my aim is to capture the light and the moment. I paint birds, animals and people.

Crochet is a recently discovered passion and I am constantly creating colourful gypsy coats and cotton festival tops with a seventies feel for my clothing label 'That 70s Chick Crochet'.


Take the Little River Inn turnoff from the Great Alpine Road and follow Little River Road round to the left.

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