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Accommodation & Useful Info

We're delighted to recommend our accommodation partners and supporters for people intending to stay for the whole weekend.

Omeo Caravan Park

Omeo Caravan Park Call (03) 5159 1351 |

Come meet Sandi, Lou and Pirra, and share in the beauty within the Omeo Caravan Park. Our beautiful tree lined caravan park is situated adjacent to the Livingstone Creek (2km creek front), in the township of Omeo.

Ideal for the opening night party! (Friday 4th May).

Mesley Manor

Mesley Manor Bazeley Street,Omeo. Book through Airbnb or call direct 0418563158.

7 guests, 3 bedrooms, 5 beds.

Mesley Manor is in a quiet tranquil environment with an outlook to Mt Mesley. An hour away will find you in the alpine region of Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham. It is a great place to stay whatever the season is, to explore the region with activities such as fishing, 4wdriving, bushwalking and skiing.

This lovely, quiet house is situated in Omeo, handy for the start of the Trail.

Shed n'Home

ShednHome 112 Bindi Road, Bindi. Book through Airbnb.

4 guests, 2 bedrooms, 3 beds.

My place is close to parks. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, and families (with kids). It is in the Victorian High Country and provides access to National Parks, Australian Fauna including wild horses (Brumbies).

My place is ideal for people who love the outdoors, fishing hiking and camping. (And arts!). It is set on three acres with the Tambo River on my doorstep. And just a few kilometres from Tambo Valley Golf Club

Just up the road from the Nullamunjie Olive Grove if you are interested in a morning talk on olive growing.

Jubilee, a holiday retreat

Jubilee a holiday retreat Omeo. Book through Airbnb.

6 guests, 2 bedrooms, 4 beds.

Jubilee is set in peaceful bushland surroundings with awesome views of Mt Mesley. Great place for fishing, bushwalking, 4wdriving, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, and of course, skiing in the winter.

Great Alpine Road

Start your journey if travelling north, by nodding to Mr Stringy on the left hand side of the road at Dead Horse Flat near Tambo Crossing.


The Aboriginal name for the area around Ensay was Numblamunjie, which translates as ‘blackfish place’. And anglers still fish for blackfish along the river by the Old Pub Gallery.

Once a thriving village, changes to the Great Alpine Road, and other decisions have impacted on facilities but, as often the case in such places, Ensay is now a growing and thriving hamlet, with one of the most beautiful environments along the GAR.

It's also home to many creative people, engaging in all sorts of artistic practices. Well worth stopping off and taking some time to wander along the river, enjoying being idle and taking a moment.

Swifts Creek

The Aboriginal name for the site of Swifts Creek was Bun Jirrah Gingee Munjie, which translates as 'big kangaroos go to that place'. And they still do (so keep an eye out if you are on the road at twilight). The Gallery is the focus of the Great Alpine Arts Trail, and will be open all weekend. Otherwise it is open Wednesdays to Sundays 10.30 - 3.30.

Take a two minute walk past the bakery, and have a moment to sit on the river bank. Kangaroos may not disturb your reverie there during the day, but there are plenty of birds to keep you entertained. And the odd cow.


Cassilis was part of the Gold Rush in the 1850s, and you can still see remnants of this time along Charlotte Spur Road, and in the historic area. Later, hippies moved in and there are still old train carriages, and domes to be spotted. Now the area is dotted with wonderful stone, mud brick and straw bale houses, a lavender farm and lots of organic produce areas.

Wikipedia rather unkindly call this a ghost town. But kangaroos, wallabies and cockatoos love this area and so will you. Check out the Cassilis cemetery and reserve. The cemetery was vandalised some decades ago, then restored as much as records would allow, and is very evocative. The reserve is also rather gorgeous.


Tongio is also known as the Bindi Valley, the Tambo Valley and the place where the golf course is. We're going for Tongio. It's a beautiful valley, and rather hidden, so, if you have time, keep going past the Olive Grove, over the bridge left, and head towards Bindi Station. No need to go all the way, just pootle along and look about you. Gorgeous big skies, hills, and vistas.


Omeo was once the most lawless city in Victoria, and, when magistrates were brave enough to come along and try to impose some sort of lawfulness, they tended to come to an unfortunate end. However, that was the Gold rush, and the locals are more law abiding these days. (If you ever watched Deadwood, though, you'll probably see a connection.) The walk at Oriental Claims, through the old Gold Rush area, is quite something - just to see the amount of dirt the miners shifted is both awe inspiring and terrifying.

Omeo also has one of the best regional historical museums in Victoria, and is well worth a visit. It's the most beautiful of high country towns without doubt.


Benambra was settled by Scots originally, followed by the Irish, and is unusual in that explorers didn't 'discover' the place coming from the coast as was common, but by stockmen, looking for more grazing land, coming from inland NSW. It's said that some of the Irish were Finians, given the choice of execution or transportation, by the English. Obviously good decision making by those Finians.

Benambra is wide open and lung expanding. Beautiful hills surround it, as well as a lake that attracts water fowl. The Limestone Road connects Benambra with Canberra though the Snowy River National Park and the Barry Way, if you are coming that way.

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